Pima County Sheriff

Clarence W. Dupnik, the current Pima County Sheriff bursts out on shooting massacre on Saturday in Tucson. According to the Pima County Sheriff; the political realm, news media oratory and political climate etc are responsible for the Saturday’s tragedy. 6 people had lost their lives while several were left injured too.

Clarence blames all anti-government advocates as well and according to him following the recent shooting spree it appears radical extremists have targeted Arizona. Pima County Sheriff further believes that the state of Arizona thus becomes the epicenter for those radical extremists, anti-government forces and sentiments.

The shooting massacre that took place in a Tucson supermarket over the weekend left at least six people dead including some key persons such as Congresswoman Gabrielle and federal court judge Mr. John M. Roll etc. An innocent girl of 9 years also died off gunshots by a 22-year-old suspect.

In his burst out, Clarence further went on to state that the present situation has turned everyone the capital for the so called prejudice and bigotry. He was addressing a news conference on Saturday evening that followed after the tragic incident. The new conference took place hours after the tragedy wherein; 19 people were shot.

Dupnik, a Democrat himself, emphasized that the role politics and media-sentiments must not be ruled out; what he meant was that these anti-government elements might have encouraged Arizona shooter(s). The sheriff further informed that authorities are looking for another suspect.

The investigators strongly believe that the act of kind targeted killing couldn’t be possible for a 21-year-old youngster, alone. Meanwhile, according to latest updates some sources claim that the shooter in police custody is Jared Loughner. Another person of 50-plus is however, being pursuit by the authorities actively.