DeAnna Marie Pappas

DeAnna Marie Stagliano is a TV personality best known for her participation in season 11 of the ABC reality television show The Bachelor, and season 4 of The Bachelorette.

DeAnna Pappas, who got notoriety after making “The Bachelor” appearance on the ABC Television for the show’s eleventh season, once again made “The Bachelor” appearance last night but with a different look. DeAnna also described the audience about being dumped during the show by Brad Womack who actually spent a controversial season in this show and kept sending roses to Pappas even after this controversy.

But the actual thing to be noted about DeAnna Pappas, in terms of Pappas’ last night show’s appearance, was the diamond ring. Pappas was wearing a diamond ring which was being showed off clearly by this notorious television artist last night. Probably Jesse Csincsak would be the source or person behind this Pappas’ ring of diamond that would immediately be surfaced in your mind if you are unaware of the fact.

But the actual fact or actual person is not Jesse but it is Stephen Stagliana. Yes, DeAnna Pappas got herself engaged to this high school teacher who actually gave this diamond ring to DeAnna. Stagliana is also recognized being twin brother of another artist whose appearance was seen in Jillian Harrison’s recent season by the audience. The name of that artist is Michael Stagliana.

Further details of DeAnna Pappas’ engagement are claiming that the engagement of this television artist with Stephen Stagliana was the result of a ceremony held in the previous year’s summer. November 20th of the year 1981 is Pappas’ date of birth who, actually got birth in Marietta area of Georgia State. “The Bachelor’s” participation is so far the major television appearance for Pappas.

Arizona Shooting

Following the stunning Arizona shooting incident on Saturday, the law enforcement personnel still look for the second suspect. The Arizona shooting rampage had left at least 6 dead while a dozen others ended up injured. The death victims included a federal judge while among the critically injured, there’s a congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords; the Arizona Rep was specifically targeted.

According to the details in the morning hours on Saturday, a gunman opened fire in a grocery store parking area at Tucson, Arizona and it appeared his main target was Gabrielle Giffords. However, the bullets hit several other people too thus six of them died on the spot while the rest received severe injuries.

The sad incident has left the entire country stunned and in a state of shock since the attacker managed to implement his plans successfully during a meeting of the constituents. The suspect is identified as a young man of 22 years of age but his name has not been disclosed yet. However, the investigators are looking for another person too.

The first suspect was reportedly tackled down by the alert citizens though his gun was still loaded, informed Clarence W. Dupnik the Pima County Sheriff. The attacker was thus taken into the police custody immediately but authorities believe he had the help of an accomplice also. The other person of interest has been identified as a white male.

John M. Roll was also among the dead, a District Court chief judge for the Arizona District. A teenage girl (9-year-old) also lost her life in the tragic incident. Gabrielle was 40 years of age and she received a gunshot right into her head and though she was sent to hospital immediately; she eventually died since she was in critical condition.

Also killed was 30-year-old Gabe Zimmerman, director community outreach (for Gabrielle) while two numbers Giffords staffers were among the injured.

Pima County Sheriff

Clarence W. Dupnik, the current Pima County Sheriff bursts out on shooting massacre on Saturday in Tucson. According to the Pima County Sheriff; the political realm, news media oratory and political climate etc are responsible for the Saturday’s tragedy. 6 people had lost their lives while several were left injured too.

Clarence blames all anti-government advocates as well and according to him following the recent shooting spree it appears radical extremists have targeted Arizona. Pima County Sheriff further believes that the state of Arizona thus becomes the epicenter for those radical extremists, anti-government forces and sentiments.

The shooting massacre that took place in a Tucson supermarket over the weekend left at least six people dead including some key persons such as Congresswoman Gabrielle and federal court judge Mr. John M. Roll etc. An innocent girl of 9 years also died off gunshots by a 22-year-old suspect.

In his burst out, Clarence further went on to state that the present situation has turned everyone the capital for the so called prejudice and bigotry. He was addressing a news conference on Saturday evening that followed after the tragic incident. The new conference took place hours after the tragedy wherein; 19 people were shot.

Dupnik, a Democrat himself, emphasized that the role politics and media-sentiments must not be ruled out; what he meant was that these anti-government elements might have encouraged Arizona shooter(s). The sheriff further informed that authorities are looking for another suspect.

The investigators strongly believe that the act of kind targeted killing couldn’t be possible for a 21-year-old youngster, alone. Meanwhile, according to latest updates some sources claim that the shooter in police custody is Jared Loughner. Another person of 50-plus is however, being pursuit by the authorities actively.